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  1. Jethrodsp

    ES Soccer Thread

    Yes, Klejstan is garbage. Altidore is all or nothing. For the first 54.5 minutes of the game he was just floating around up top. There is NO reason someone as strong as him should get muscled off the ball as much as he does. When he decides not to play like a *****, hes a lot to handle for any defender in the world. Bradley has been the glue for the MNT for a long time now. Im glad Klinsmann finally got to see him on the field because maybe it will put an end to the Kyle Beckerman era... I thought he was the best player on the field for the US today by far. His positioning on defense and ability to control and distribute the ball in tight spaces was wonderful. Im glad hes finally getting a chance in a top-flight league at Chievo. I though he may get a run or two with Aston Villa last season but it never materialized. I certainly think he could be the next American to really contribute in the EPL. I dont know if that was Edu's best game, Ive seen him play some gems but hes becoming more consistent all the time. With him and Bradley sitting behind Dempsey, the middle of the field is strong. Tim Howard is Tim Howard. Always there, always consistent. I cant wait to see this lineup in a big qualifier: GK-Howard D-Cherundolo, Goodson, Boca, Chandler M-Donovan, Holden, Bradley, Shea F-Dempsey, Altidore Oh yea... and DEUUUUCCCCE!!!! jCW61Eycwps
  2. Jethrodsp

    **** the Cowboys

    [ATTACH]46079[/ATTACH] **** the Cowboys.
  3. Couldnt disagree more. Gold pants are the tits. Just look how slick that uniform above is. Gold pants, burgundy jerseys at home. Gold pants white jerseys on the road with the classic helmet. Even the gray facemask adds to the look.
  4. Boo monochromatic football uniforms. The all burgundy was terrible. Bring back the gold pants. Best NFL unis: Redskins Chargers Dolphins Bears Packers Steelers Raiders Bills Bucs Unis that shouldnt have changed: 49ers Broncos Bengals Falcons Worst Unis: Cardinals Seahawks Broncos Titans Vikings Cowboys Eagles Giants
  5. burgandy tops at home for sure. I wouldnt mind seeing the gold pants come back with the burgandy tops and helmets.
  6. For the record I cant take credit for this picture, I found it within another thread on ES. This look is ideal to me for the home jersey. I would like to start a new era of Redskins football with the Burgandy jerseys at home. For the road, simply burgandy pants with white tops. No change to the helmet from this picture. Classic. I love the gray facemask. I love traditional looks, and I think this uniform idea seemlessly blends the color combinations and logos of Redskins history into an awesome looking uniform.
  7. BAM!! For some reason I cant get the picture in the thread but this should be the new look. (anyone who can get the picture uploaded in the thread, please...)
  8. Jethrodsp

    **** the Cowboys

    I figured it out. Romo and TO are lovers. Seriously, have you ever seen them interact with each two teenagers in puppy-love all giddy and stuff. We all know TO is gay. Wears lip gloss, overly emotional, mood swings etc. Its just now that I realize that Romo is actually found his new love in TO. I cant wait till they have there first lovers fight because you better believe there is no way Wade Philips is gonna be able to keep those two in check. Its only a matter of time before they break up and TO is in the media calling Romo out of the closet, only this time he'll be right. Haha...Wade Philips. That guy will never win a Super Bowl as a head coach. Honestly, can you picture Wade Philips winning the Super Bowl as a head coach? There is only one thing I hate more than a Cowboys team and thats a Cowboys team that is overhyped and whored out by ESPN and others for ratings. Seriously, can someone, anyone, drag these clowns back down to Earth? **** the Cowboys!!! Hail Skins!!! :helmet:
  9. Jethrodsp

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Castanza is the man!!!
  10. In case anyone hasnt looked at the whole thread, THIS is where its at. This is the best uni design Ive ever seen. :applause:
  11. Black jerseys are stupid and played out. Forget it.
  12. Yes sir!!! They sure are shiny though...I dont know if I like that part. The duller look was meaner. But hey, Ill take what I can get.
  13. Actually, that does look tight as hell. I hope someone in the ownership office sees this. I cant imagine the players wouldnt love it also. Nice job.