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WBTV - Man robs victim of money and clothes, then gets hit by truck

Kosher Ham

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg police responded out to several 911 calls about a man who had be hit by a large box truck just outside of the Center City.

Officers found the man in the middle of the road suffering with a head wound. He was scooped up by Medics and rushed to Carolinas Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. Police said later after being evaluated by doctors, he should be okay.

Police on scene also found a completely naked man walking around the street. He claims he was walking down the road, when the other man tried robbing him using a large wooden stick.

The victim reports he gave him everything he had, and in a fit of anger, took off all of his clothes and threw it at the suspect.

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Um, what? The robber had nothing but a stick for a weapon? The guy sat around naked for what, an hour or so while the ambulance and cops came, the scene was processed, etc? And the camera crew filmed him sitting naked looking at something or maybe putting his underwear back on? Was there a full moon last night?

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