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Nostalgia Thread: Gaming Systems


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The Chive has posted a picture set on gaming systems with more than 60 pictures of different gaming systems over the years. http://thechive.com/2011/04/15/evolution-of-home-video-game-consoles-1967-%E2%80%93-2011-70-photos/

Check it out and share with the group. Which was your first system and which was/is your favorite.

I still remember playing this sleek futuristic looking bad boy:


Montezuma's Revenge!


The best was:


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first system was of course the NES, favorite...hard to decide between Genesis and SNES, but for nostalgia purposes I have a gaming setup in my redskins room that includes and NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, and a 3D0....I think I might figure it out tonight, lol

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I don't know if CounterStrike counts as old but overall I have spent many more hours playing that than other games. I can remember cramming homework in right after classes in college so I could spend the next 6 - 10 hours with my clan practicing, goofing or in matches.

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I'd still like to have another colecovision, donkey kong was always my favorite game and I can't find it anywhere these days. I do have the 2600 Atari with a bunch of games.

do you live in the DMV area? i know a place within driving distance you could get one, very hard to find places like them nowadays

I came back in here because I just remembered it and I knew someone would be me to it.

it's what i do :)

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Yes I live in Falls Church

well dang you are closer than i am, i have to come all the way from freakin woodbridge, like a 45 minute drive

eStarland.com 1 (877)941-0165

3150 Spring St Fairfax VA 22031

EDIT: it's a small, small street off of 29 (i think 29 or 50...or both, aren't they the same street for a little bit? anyways..), and when you come up to the building you have to walk around the construction, but they are a small shop with EVERYTHING

EDIT 2: just checked, they don't currently have one at the store, but you can talk to them or have them shoot you an email when they get one, or i'm sure they can find one

EDIT 3: (getting tired of this yet?) just checked ebay, they have them going "Buy it Now" for around $40 w/ controllers, I really like old school gaming if you couldn't tell

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