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  1. Well that's nice, but wrong. I know an entire family of Iranian/Pakistani who are registered as white, so people do, just not in your anecdotal neck of the woods. The Asian box is considered eastern Asian, every person I know from India, to Afghanistan, to Iran and Pakistan all complain about not having a real box to check, they all check white. Just to clarify, what do you consider ME? That last sentence contradicts the first paragraph. The middle east is a region, it's not a continent. No they don't think they're Asian either, that's for eastern Asians, according to my s
  2. I'm not sure how unknown this is but there is no box to check for Indian (ME) on a voter registration, they are identified as white. My wife is from Pakistan and has always had to register on anything as white, and she's a few shades darker than Mrs Haley. Racists! lol
  3. Maybe if they were baking cakes we could criticize their actions, but they only disrespected the vp elect.
  4. I feel you on the bolded part. Personally I've had more conversations with liberals that say some crazy things, but I've seen publically some of the morons on both sides. I find myself not saying anything at all anymore, and just making sure I take care of me and mine.
  5. I can't even imagine if something like this was forced to come about, you must rally to show how much you don't care! I mean he really believes that?
  6. Califan, I'm glad you have the patience, I'm so freaking tired of these people. Thank you for taking up our cause. For real.
  7. No, I don't want to cheer on morons anyways. If they can't fact check something so simple for their multi million dollar job, I'm not a believer they will be able to handle the intricacies of a playbook.
  8. Are they freaking kidding? Not only are they morons but that pic is just disgusting.
  9. Sorry nemocystem, I've been stuck reading and posting from my phone. I may have hurried my post, but I was trying to agree with your post and link.
  10. Because the only issue being addressed is the little one. The only person addressing the big issue is Dan Snyder, and they raked him over the coals for it. Per the previous post from nemocystem, this isn't even their right to complain about the name. Redskins is a term used for separate Indian Nations, not theirs, and they have no right to protest it. The ones who claim that name, want to keep it, it is an honorable moniker to them. Oneida wouldn't think it honorable because they aren't part of the Indian Nation who use the term Redskins to describe themselves. How about using fac
  11. Huzzah! My life is complete I believe I have reached the max smiley faces for a two post span.
  12. SWFL, you are a cornball white boy, not down for the cause at all...
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