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What was your favorite Super Bowl Play


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What, nobody mentioned Rocket Screen or Marcus Allen's run? :evilg: At least I had an excuse to divert attention from the game and study for my midterms.......

Seriously, its pretty tough not to go with Riggo on 4th and 1. Joey T's pass to Charlie Brown to ice it was pretty sweet as well.

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Riggo on fourth and one. You always remember your first. :)
Definitely this! But as far as a whole Superbowl memory...Doug Williams when he lit it up in that quarter.

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I agree with everyone...4th and 1 is the top.

But to go against the grain, I liked Harrison's 100 yard INT Pick-6 against the Cardinals.

I will always remember that since I kept thinking when watching it, he just wanted someone to tackle him. He was so tired haha.
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