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  1. I can't wait for the second round versus those dirty birds at Fedex!

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      Be careful what you wish for.

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      yep, u were right. and i for some reason said on the 11th of november that we'd get killed. i was so wrong :)

  2. We bring back to life another bad team (or player), Houston snaps 14 games losing streak.

  3. I hate this winter, 80F in january, what the hell???

  4. 5 things. RGIII, Kerrigan, Morris/Helu, fire the HC and DC. Thanks Santa.

  5. rocazares

    ES Soccer Thread

    The problem is the group, they play trash, they're divas high paid, they don't care about the game no more, they only care about magazines, drugs, women, Ferraris and expensive clothes; since Chepo de la Torre arrived to this selection the opera soup began. I don't like the idea of Mexico going to Brasil, this team needs to plant their feet on the ground, they feel like soccer gods and they're pure garbage, the media have a % in this, and Chepo, oh boy, what an arrogant piece of *****, he sank this team months ago until the federation kick his butt. The best thing can happen is not going to Brasil.
  6. rocazares

    ES Soccer Thread

    Why bros? Why??????? I don't want to see that putrid mexican soccer team in Brazil LOL!!!!! Not even versus New Zeland!!!! When I saw U.S. 2 - 2 Panama my happiness died
  7. +1 Believe me bro if I can have the chance to help those tribes I will do it in matter of seconds.
  8. So true. In my country I'm a white guy, in USA, Canada or Alaska I'm brown and I don't mind to be brown or red, my skin color is irrelevant. If this topic is about race, the racist people always find ways to complain and the most dangerous thing, they always will find ways to spread the fire. It's about war paint jezz!!!!!
  9. Just a moment ago I read some articles about the topic, to be honest in the past I don't mind about this but now it worries me a lot. My opinion is based -maybe- like so many fans outside U.S.A. This is not the first time I said this on the board, I'm mexican, my roots are the aztecs, the mayans, the ancient Tenoch , native ancestors, like the logo from my beloved football team, similar like U.S.A's natives. I found very touching and respectful to have something in football that I can relate deep inside. When I saw the colors and the logo, my heart fell in love at first sight. "Wooow I can support this team on this sport, I feel represented, cuz I don't live in D.C." Believe me if down here we have a soccer team called Aztecas, Mayas or Yaquis the people will find it like a celebration of our roots, and of course, some stupid people will try to take some advantage and find an easy way to earn free money because the topic at legal courts. I don't want to support the braves, or the Washington senators or the presidents, I love the Redskins and if the negative -to say the least- people win this battle they will rip my heart off. I only know D.C. thanks to the maps LOL. Tomorrow PETA will be chase the bengals, the jags, the falcons? I know its a dumb statement, but c'mon people, this is the Redskins, because the U.S.A. native's war paiting faces. NHL's and MLB's teams will be hunted too?
  10. Well I guess its some kind idiosyncrasy, I'm mexican, I'm really proud about my roots, I don't get mad when I see the aztecs on college football, the indians on MLB, or the browns on NFL, my skin is brown, when I saw the redskins logo and the colors so many years ago I knew that team will be my team until I die because it makes me feel proud to see some representation. Same with San Diego Aztecs (?) I mean, c'mon, the name reflects courage, tradition, legends. It depends the angle you see the topic. I guess ... Hail to the REDSKINS. PD I mention the Browns because even when the name is refered to a person, sooner or later a jerk will come to attack the name because can offend the skin brown people, jez!
  11. rocazares

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    Anderson is tired, he lost the hungry to retain the belt, his eyes and concentration speak louder than words.
  12. rocazares

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    LOL Silva
  13. rocazares

    Redskins vs Cowboys Rivalry Quotes

    LOL So the spanish version is like Maradona said: Suck it (chupenla)
  14. rocazares

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Link 2 is far way better, try it.
  15. rocazares

    Random Thought Thread

    F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mother earth show his power to México, an insane 6.9 ritcher hits the city. I **** on my pants, I was on my bro's place and he lives in a 7th floor LOL ---------- Post added December-10th-2011 at 10:45 PM ---------- Sorry to quote and kept the pic, but is a beatiful pic. My prayers to Tumilson's family.
  16. rocazares

    All Things Boxing

    ROB, just like if I enter a bank with pistol in hand and claim all the money to the dude behind the glass with 4 cameras following my moves and seeing my face crystal clear. JMM 2 Pac 1 Today I lost all the respect I had until tonight on box and Pac. JMM one more time you beat Pac.
  17. rocazares

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    I know I let my stomach talk STB and now I feel better lol, but c'mon! He knew the stand fight will be KO for him, and you know what piss me off more? the latin (non brazilians) announcers on Fox always making excuses on our loses (latin). Jeez announcers, JDS is a monster, a lot us knew Cain had low chances to win this fight against JDS and future fights versus Jr.
  18. rocazares

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    I hope and pray you don't come back Cain, JDS will destroy you one more F time, he's not Lesnar, he's a good well trained figther.
  19. rocazares

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    Well, no surprise here, good for Junior congrats. And Cain, hermano you're so F soft ... no words in my mind ...
  20. rocazares

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

  21. rocazares

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    Oh boy, my heart will explode LOL. Vamos Cain!!!!!!