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  1. Tennis fans been watching this for years. We've been being sold the "next gen" by the media for three new gens now. NFL the same.
  2. I don't know. I think there's room to think that there should have been WAY more security, AND that barring said security, the right call was made to yield ground while protecting the people that mattered. Ultimately, there were very few casualties, and none from the defenders. That's a huge victory all things considered. And probably a better alternative than opening fire on US citizens.
  3. I think these are great points. In the NFC especially, looking through that list of NFC representatives, it seems like good defenses and an ability to shorten games really makes a difference. Longer games means more chances for turnovers and flukey plays, not to mention what I think are the biggest team killers in today's NFL: penalties. It's long been thought that high flying offenses struggle in the playoffs when officials swallow their whistles. I'm not sure it's AS true as it used to be, but it's certainly much harder. And the dynamic offenses that ARE successful aren't the ones that
  4. Counter point: who's the last big contract wide receiver to win a super bowl? Was it one of the Steeler's (Ward or Brown)? Maybe Marvin Harrison? That would have been like a decade ago. I think the NFL has shown us pretty consistently that paying wide receivers is a sure fire way to not win any rings. I can't remember the last time any of the NFLs top 5 WRs were winning rings: maybe the greatest show on turf? We're going back to the early 2000s for the last time big name, big contract wideouts were winning rings. MAYBE Demaryius Thomas with Peyton? I can agree with that on principal. B
  5. Brees and Rodger. Almost certainly both Hall of Famers. Both in a lot of people's top 10. Certainly both in a lot of people's tops of the era. There's just one thing that really baffles me. Drew shows up to NO in 2006. Rodgers takes over from Favre in what, 2008 or 2009? Since then, they have a combined 2 superbowl appearances. Despite sharing the NFC with no other REALLY elite QBs (we'll get to Russel in a minute), they have each only made the super bowl once. And they've hardly met in the playoffs, so it's not even like they're constantly knocking each other out. You'd thi
  6. I know, and it's a little bit purposeful hyperbole. But it feels wrong to have English speakers force me to change my language for their comfort.
  7. I'm a 30 year old white Mexican-American male. I have never self identified as white, always as Hispanic, but the more recent events have led me to understand that I am both, and that being Hispanic does not mean I don't benefit from White Privilege. My thoughts: ~ Hispanic and Latino are NOT the same thing, though they are close enough for government work and I don't get upset if people use them interchangeably. More to the topic at hand: This has become more and more common in online writing, and it's forced me to do some real soul searching about the topic. I o
  8. It came with the motherboard I bought (Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE WIFI). I think the adapter is an Intel Dual Band 802.11 AC.
  9. Alright folks, I'm at my wits end and desperate for help. I just built a brand new PC after being a mac guy for a decade. It's been a learning curve, but I'm adapting well. The issue is simple: my Macbook Pro consistently gets double the WIFI speed that the new PC does. Neither is connected to ethernet. Yes, I know ethernet is faster. That's not the point here. The point is that both computers, while using WIFI, on the exact same desk at the exact same distance from the router, get different speeds. I pay for up to 300MBPS and the mac can usually get 200+, but the new windows desktop rare
  10. As a professional scientist, I've lost count of how many "friendships" I've lost over the phrase "Well, I'm entitled to have my own opinion!". No. No you are not. An opinion is liking apple pie more than chocolate cake. "Today's high is 56" is not an opinion. You're not entitled to alternative facts.
  11. That's a pretty informative take. And I think you're right. Bernie seems to be sticking to his central message that the policies baked into his "revolution" will help people of color, and that he has a 40+ year history of fighting for people of color. And he's right about those things. But for some reason it doesn't resonate with our communities in the same way. Pragmatism definitely comes into play, as does, I think, the fact that POC aren't single issue voters. I'm not black, I'm hispanic, but I see a lot of similarity among the communities. Many of these communities are stil
  12. I find it interesting, as a person of color who is in favor of most of Bernie's positions but who will probably vote for Biden, that Bernie does so poorly with people of color. I think I'm starting to understand why. It is true that people of color would dramatically benefit from the types of policies Bernie supports. But it's also true that "revolutions" have consequences for people of color disproportionately. I don't want a revolution. I want STABILITY. I want a slow and steady march towards progress, but in a controlled manner. I want single payer health care, but
  13. I can't help but feel like a Warren/Sanders ticket would show really well in the general, and I'd like to think Bernie should have been smart enough to see that the best good he could do would be to champion his ideas above himself.
  14. I don't have a lot to add, but I just want to thank you guys for those last few posts. Real well thought out and gave me lots to think about as I mull over my own privelege and how fortunate I am to have what I have.
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