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  1. Vilandil Tasardur

    Replay Rules/Officiating

    Reporters can't report things that don't factual evidence behind it...
  2. Vilandil Tasardur

    Racist costume?

    As a Mexican American, I certainly don't appreciate the costume and think it's in poor taste. I don't appreciate being turned into a cartoon or a mascot for a white person's amusement at a party. But I won't pretend it's comparable to black face either.
  3. Vilandil Tasardur

    2019 Game Day Thread

    That's NBA talk, and even the NBA throws us a few surprises every now and then. I think NE is the heavy favorite, but I definitely think that KC or Seattle can line up and play 'em tight.
  4. Vilandil Tasardur

    2019 Game Day Thread

    I swear the Giant's right guard false starts on every passing play. Edit: damn I love to watch right man coverage. Such a treat.
  5. Vilandil Tasardur

    2019 Game Day Thread

    I don't think they're intentionally looking rough, but I think they're some of the best adapters in the game. They might look vulnerable, but they don't just lay back and accept that; they'll find a way to innovate.
  6. Vilandil Tasardur

    What is the perfect age - WSJ

    At 29, I am LOVING most of life. Having finished graduate school, my wife and I are making real, actual money in a way we never have before. We don't have any kids, so we're maxing retirement savings and still actually enjoying life the way we want. Our first house is paid off and churning out rental income while the second is getting paid at a quick clip. I actually like the work I do now and so does she. We've just moved to a new city, so it's taking some adjusting, but life is good overall. That said, physically, I can feel myself breaking down right quick. Back surgery at 18 followed by another blown disk at's just catching up to me. Everything hurts all the time, and ever day feels like an balancing act in "how much do I have to work out to make my body feel better without killing it?" I miss being able to eat garlic without farting all night.
  7. Vilandil Tasardur

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    My problem with firing Jay is that we are an absolute dumpster fire. We are not appealing to good coaching candidates or players. Firing Bruce and letting the new person pick the next coach MIGHT help, but it also might not. I think there's a reason a lot of new GMs keep the old guy for a year. You need that year to rebuild the foundation before you're attractive to top talent HCs. The last thing we want is a situation where we're settling for the 4th or 5th best head coaching candidate on the market because we are the least desirable job. Even worse would be getting locked in to a multi year deal with that "less desirable" candidate. Gruden isn't the guy to take us to the top, but he could buy us a year of stability while a new GM makes us less of a laughing stock.
  8. I've long felt like the obvious compromise was to forget about the schools paying the players and just simply let them make money for being celebrities. Does that introduce the problem of a wealthy boomer paying a crap ton of money to some kid to be in their local hot dog commercial? Sure, and I don't care. School recruiting isn't equal anyway, we don't need to try to force it to be. Letting celebrity athletes make their money without worrying about the school actually paying them is favorable because it maintains the status quo for the 98% of student athletes that aren't famous enough to profit off of themselves, and avoids the title IX issues of why your women's volleyball or field hockey player isn't getting paid like a football player.
  9. Vilandil Tasardur

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    I think KDawg beat me to it. I definitely agree that Haskins makes the Zorn situation different. But I'll note that the presence of Haskins might give me MORE reason to keep Gruden. I mean, these two things feel at odds to me: 1-draft a rookie QB that everyone knows needs more time and isn't ready and 2-tell the HC that they are coaching for their job Those two things contradict. And if you don't think Gruden is the guy, the who cares about Haskins. I do NOT want a situation where we're picking the new coach to fit the existing (untested and unready) QB. After all, isn't that what got us Zorn over Gregg in the first place? The Cardinals just moved on from a 1st round pick when they got the chance for a better one. The Vikings did it with Christian Ponder not that long ago. And the browns have just done that. I'd rather a new staff shop for their own groceries.
  10. Vilandil Tasardur

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    I think we can agree on a lot of that. Here's an interesting question for you that I think is relevant to our current situation: Do you think it makes a difference at all if we had fired Jim Zorn 4 or 8 games into 2009? Do you think we learn more about our players? Do you think Shanahan does a better job the following year? Do you think it helps Bruce/Shanny in their draft room? Do you think it placates the fans in a way that has meaningful off the field benefits? I could be convinced that the biggest reason to fire Gruden is to make the fans shut up and provide Haskins a "get out of jail free" card. Right now, after every loss and bad performance, he's going to be scrutinized under a microscope. But with an interim head coach I think he'll be given a much longer leash in the media and by the fans even if only by proxy. Gruden is under a lot of pressure to not suck, and that pressure trickles down to Haskins whether we intend it to or not.
  11. Vilandil Tasardur

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    Fair enough. My apologies. I read implication where it wasn't explicitly stated. My overall point though is that we have no evidence of O'Connel being anything of note. He got promoted to OC largely because he was the QB coach when we lost Cavanaugh, who in turn was the QB coach when we lost McVay. I don't think we know anything about O'Connel and I don't think the best time for 35 year old coaches with 1 year of coordinator experience to try their hand at being a HC is in the middle of a train wreck season with assistants they didn't pick.
  12. Vilandil Tasardur

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    This I can understand, and possibly even get behind. But that's where a real organization steps back and has a vision. Is your intention to try to win more games this year? I guess, if it is, I can understand why one might fire Gruden. But again, I don't think I'd bother until after week 9, because I'd want to give the new team an entire bye week to actually try to shake things up. Me personally? I don't think "tumultuous change" is the right environment for evaluating players. I don't think you get anything from that. I watched the bears game. I couldn't evaluate Keenum because Kalil Mack took the game over. I think you learn more about players from consistency, at least this early in the season.
  13. Vilandil Tasardur

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    "Assuming he's actually having any say"? That makes even less sense then. If he's having a say, then he's just as culpable for the suck. Alternatively, he's being ignored. So you're basically advocating for promoting the 22 year old intern because they can't be any worse.
  14. Vilandil Tasardur

    Did the Patriots expose McVay's Offense

    Agreed, but I don't think the Rams can have that roster with that kind of QB on their roster. Goff only JUST got his extension, so they're still riding high on his rookie contract savings. If anything, I think it really shows how much of a any "great" non-QB driven team is comprised of a lot of good luck that is nearly impossible to replicate from one year to the next. The Vikings had that amazing year with Keenum. A lot of these teams that put together amazing defensive seasons inevitably regress to the mean. Injuries, luck, drop in form, they hit everyone, but a great QB covers a lot of it up. If you're one of these non-QB driven teams, you better win when your shot comes up. Seattle, Philly, Denver, and Baltimore maximized on their awesome years. Atlanta, SF, Car, and LA didn't. None have been able to re-create that type of dominance (LA still could of course).
  15. Vilandil Tasardur

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    Yeah, I just don't think I agree. Firing Bruce will make us all feel better, but Kyle Smith can't DO anything in the next 6 months. General Managers don't (generally) act during the season. At this point firing Bruce and promoting Kyle Smith is a wash; they're both going to sit there and watch the implosion. Neither one of them is going to make it better or worse, and there won't be any "imploding" differently. O'Connell is in his first year as offensive coordinator. In his illustrious four games as an OC, he's produced a terrible offense. And nothing about promoting him will make his job easier. He's still going to have to choose between a game manager playing like turd or a rookie that isn't close to being ready. Firing Gruden today makes everyone feel better right up until this poor O'Connell kid has to try to figure out how to do everything he was ALREADY doing while also trying to be head coach against Bill Belllichick. It's career suicide. If you fire Gruden you fire him for Callahan who at least has experience running a team and won't implode. But again, for every coach you fire you're asking the rest to pull double duty for 3/4s of a season. That's a huge deal, and not one that makes for anyone getting better. If you're serious about using the next 12 games to see what individual players can do then you want the most consistency possible. Gruden gives you that. He just does.