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Rotoworld: Gus Frerotte takes HS head coaching job


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Good luck Gus!

Former Vikings, Rams, and Redskins QB Gus Frerotte has taken the head coaching position at a St. Louis-area high school.

He was John Burroughs Prep QBs coach for the past two seasons while hoping for a call from the NFL. His retirement is now official. Frerotte, 39, finished his 15-year career with a 114:106 TD-to-INT ratio and solid 6.9 yards per attempt average, but a 45-47-1 record. A former Redskins seventh-round pick, Frerotte may be best remembered for outplaying No. 3 overall pick Heath Shuler when both were rookies in 1994. Frerotte made the Pro Bowl in 1996.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch


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Right on, Gus. He was just before my time, but I know he's known for the "head bump" and outplaying Heath Shuler to get the starters job in D.C.

From what I understand, he even had some pretty good years with us.

"Outplaying Heath Shuler" lol...there were very few QBs who did not outplay Shuler, unfortunately.

I always liked Gus, hope he does well :cheers:..

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You can never start too early to learn how to give yourself a concussion, that's what I always say :yes:...Kids today don't even know how to give themselves a good concussion. Why, when I was a kid...

Did you end that thought abruptly because you can't remember your childhood from all the concussion, or because you forgot the question because you have one right now, or both?

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Good for Gus. What a great success story...a 7th round afterthought draft pick who carved out a 15 year career as an NFL quarterback. Seriously, how many journeyman quarterbacks last 15 years in the NFL?

If he managed his money right he should be set for life financially.

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