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BSAP: Vick's ex-dog fighting partners come-a-calling


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A few minutes after the Philadelphia Eagles' first round playoff loss some old friends came to visit Michael Vick, but they did not come to comfort. One brought a bucket filled with water. The other a car battery.

"Look," the man who called himself Smith said, "We ain't got no choice. A champion what done can't perform's got to be put down."

"It's not that we want to do it." Jones said while getting a shock from the jumper cables, "We very much like Michael. We's grown affectionate and all, but dis is business. An athlete that kint perform's got to be puts to rest, you know."

Coach Andy Reid had no comment, however, security officials did prevent Vick's old partners from attaining the dressing rooms.

More at link. www.totallyinappropriate/madeupfiction/MVickgander.com

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