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  1. Not sure how they called that an incomplete pass. That could have made a major difference. Play call surely would have been different with 3rd and 5ish than 3rd and 10.
  2. But Scherff barely touches a guy on a first down play and we get called. But I guess I’m a lunatic for believing in any bias
  3. A no name quarterback leading a no name team. It’s perfect
  4. Pretty sure everyone’s last game is their final game. All we can do is speculate, but I don’t think Hurts would have won it based on how he played the entire game. Everyone knows Hurts awful stats in that game by now. He had four downs to punch it in from the 5 and he couldn’t get it done. It was wet and both quarterbacks were struggling to throw the ball. I believe our defense would have came up big like they always do.
  5. Giants players and fans wouldn’t have been waiting all day Sunday for the results if the game hadn’t been flexed. I blame the NFL
  6. At this point, with the erosion of our fanbase, we don’t have much room to talk. I’ve had people tell me I’m the first Washington fan they’ve actually met.
  7. Here in South FL I don’t hear any Dolphins fans complaining that the Steelers not starting Big Ben cost them a playoff spot.
  8. We’re the only team in the division with a positive point differential. The next closest team was the Giants, with a -77 point differential. We deserved to win the division.
  9. Not sure why he gets all of the blame. You don’t think game plan and play calling had anything to do with it?
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