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  1. Crisis averted. Ron was still able to save one TO for next week.
  2. Yeah, I do. It sucks not living up to expectations and missing out on millions of dollars and a long term contract. I agree that he should be benched, he clearly doesn't have the skills. Doesn't mean I can't feel for him as a person.
  3. No Young, Matt I, or Sweat. Our one strength is already depleted.
  4. I kinda feel bad for him. Looked like he was gonna cry on the sideline. He feels it slipping away. He's made some awful throws, but he's not getting a lot of help either.
  5. Browns might finally be good. Not Ravens level, but good.
  6. Pretty sure they did their final show sometime last summer
  7. I like that Dwayne is going through his progressions, but his checkdowns are inaccurate or getting there too slow. Defenders are all over it by the time its caught.
  8. Was better off throwing it away. That play was clearly going nowhere.
  9. I get that it’s just one guy’s story (if it’s a legit interview). But it might lead to more being investigated, and more people coming forward. I also think that Kapri needs to go on record with some legit journalist if his story is indeed true. Jay ruining Alex smith’s career, which nearly cost him his life, over a side chick is quite a claim
  10. https://catchtheblitz.com/ctb-exclusive-a-look-inside-washingtons-nfl-organization/ Kapri Bibbs disagrees. Not saying he’s right, but he’s putting it out there
  11. Declaration was signed by slave owners In 1776 we still had slaves (think Betsy Ross flag Nike shoes) Independence? For some. Free? Bernie Sanders is in favor of this name Statue of Liberty is in NY and Liberty bell is in Philly. If you add Communist to this title, it may get some support
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