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  1. Now that’s forward thinking. I love it.
  2. Washington Burgundy & Gold has a nice ring to it
  3. Oh wow, the comment went right over his head.
  4. Your reaction is like 25 years late
  5. When I was a young warthog
  6. Pretty sure one of the reasons they got rid of that name is because it was considered to be politically incorrect
  7. While that’s true, this team was playing a lot better than most 7-9 teams imo. Once we got a bit of competent QB play from Alex, we were able to put together a pretty nice win streak. Had he stayed healthy, I believe we would have won at least 1 more game.
  8. Not sure how they called that an incomplete pass. That could have made a major difference. Play call surely would have been different with 3rd and 5ish than 3rd and 10.
  9. But Scherff barely touches a guy on a first down play and we get called. But I guess I’m a lunatic for believing in any bias
  10. A no name quarterback leading a no name team. It’s perfect
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