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The Ryan Mallett Thread


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I'm not Mallett fan, but he is really missing Greg Childs tonight, who will be a legit pro prospect next season.

Agreed not having Childs is a big loss

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I'm sure we'll see him in a NE uniform next year.

Oh probably and he'll be a dominant 3-4 DE for them for a long time

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interesting i haven't seen him creep into a first round mock yet.

Oh I've see him late 1st now in mocks

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His receivers need to start catching as well.

Mallett needs to get rid of that pass and not take the sack there bad decision on his part, pocket was collapsing get it away

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Reminds me of Donovan McNabb with less mobility. Zero touch - regardless of the situation he fires a rocket that his receivers have a hard time bringing in on the shorter passes. No doubt they've had some bad drops but some of them he definitely did not have to throw that hard. Also has fired several balls right at his receivers' feet when pressured, just like McNabb. Pass.

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