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So, what exactly was up with the refs last night?


The play clock display and the Qtr Time are displayed BACKWARDS  

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  1. 1. The play clock display and the Qtr Time are displayed BACKWARDS

    • I agree, they're displayed backwards, they need to reverse it
    • I don't agree, it's fine the way it is
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    • MTH, you need to get a life, dude

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Okay, I've had my issues with NFL referees in the past, but when announcers can't ignore the obvious, it's time for someone from the league to take notice.

I say the league be allowed to introduce tear-away jerseys.

Anyone with a handful of material after the play gets called for holding.;)

It'll keep everyone honest.

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Oher was getting away with several holds against Orakpo too. No call. After the Saints game last year I just basically assume the refs are against us all the time. Nothing I've seen has made me change my mind.

But the more you complain to a ref, the more he coutinues to dislike you. So what are we ever going to do?

I had hoped that Shanahan would have a different rapport with the referees. But we'll wait and see once the regular season starts.

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It is horrible and it's nothing new. Somewhere there is an NFL law making it illegal to call holding against a Redskins' opponent. The bizzarre thing is that there is no advantage to being so obviously biased and one-sided during a pre-season game... though I guess people do bet on those too.

I was also really annoyed at the delay of game penalty, especially after they had reversed one for Baltimore earlier with less cause.

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I gotta tell ya, I thought it got better during the Gibbs II era, and I was hoping Shanny's stature would help a bit.

However, if we get a repeat like that during the regular season, we're going to lose a few key games.

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i think he backed into it, it wasnt an intentional kick.

but landy SHOULD have been called for delay of game for his "cramp"

Yeah, I was LMAO on that one. I think Landry saw our D wasn't getting set in time and he faked an injury to get the time out. It's hard to believe the refs pentalized Fletcher and let Landry get away with that one. I did think it was funny and quick thinking by Landry.

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Did anyone notice that the Head Ref kept sending what appeared to be the yougest ref over to explain the calls or lack thereof to Shanny...To me it looked like a cowardly move by him. And that non-fumble due to forward progress was the worst call of the night they looked like complete fools out there.

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