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  1. Love the White on White anybody know how great RG3 played wearing white on white at Baylor? I memory tells me he was awesome!
  2. I agree with you. I had a dream the other night and we won wearing white on white. That said I think we go Burgundy tops and Gold Pants
  3. Thanks OrangeSkin firstrow.net great headsup looks like it just might work today....
  4. Thomas Jones ????that's random but CP is injury prone and coming off that concussion TJ is a work horse and it far better then Chester Taylor...
  5. Portis should move on but like Vinny he is stuck up Dannys backside so far he can't see the hole.....hey kinda like his running style...can't find the hole.
  6. I hope they put our winning score on that new scoreboard in Little D.
  7. Heck yeah find room for Randy Moss...Ohhhh Santana's little brother...I'll pass