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  1. From what I can gather she hasn't been arrested. Otherwise, I think it would be reported. If they were living together, why wasn't she arrested along with this guy?
  2. You will never convince me that Iran (Shia) has any links to Al Qaeda (Sunni).
  3. Did the Nashville guy's (Eric Munchel) mom get arrested too? He is the guy walking around with zip ties. His mom accompanied him inside. If the mom hasn't been arrested, why not???
  4. Why just student loan forgiveness? How about giving everybody, say, 50,000 and letting them use it however they want? Forgiving loans will piss some people off. I had my loans too. I paid them off. I worked hard. Now, if you give everybody, say, 50k, then some will use it for paying off their tuition if that is their biggest need. Others who paid already paid it off can use it for something else. 50k is just a hypothetical btw. Could be 100k or 10k.
  5. TBH, this is where I am at after thinking this through a bit more. There are some other idiots out there. Nick Bosa for example said some racist stuff in the past. So let's see how he plays.
  6. He does not appear to be a bigot, at least from what I see in the tweets. Seems like a Trump supporter but has not acted like a far-right lunatic. Nonetheless, it does tell me a lot though. Most of the players are black.
  7. Oh, they are not all bad. Let's see how he carries himself. If he acts like the Hercules guy (Sorbo), he needs to be immediately cut.
  8. The guy I think can play, but given his politics, I cannot support him.
  9. The other news, Parler may be banned by Apple and Google: https://www.wsj.com/articles/apple-threatens-to-ban-parler-from-app-store-11610148297 And I am also reading that Trump opened a Parler account.
  10. Hard to remove these officers. They will maybe be suspended for a week, and that's it. There needs to be some reform. If I had to guess, there will be no reform, and these officers will keep taking sides.
  11. He needs to be impeached and removed. If you are impeached amd removed, you are barred from running for office. If this does not happen, Trump may run again. What if he beats Biden? He has probably learned a few authoritarian lessons.
  12. Guess Lin Wood should go to Parler. I bet he already has an account. This is one guy who really needs his head examined. And how hard is it for twitter to ban people like this guy?
  13. These officers are not trained to be neutral. They are taking sides here, which is just awful. Everybody can see this.
  14. Honestly, time to totally defund the police and start maybe a new police system. If not defund, at least may be take into account their political views when hiring people. These people are not neutral.
  15. Where's the tear gas? I don't see much of that. It's curfew time. If this was a BLM protest, you would be seeing smoke. Remember that day when Trump decided to visit that church?
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