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  1. Gibbsisgod2006

    Multiple Media Outlets: Redskins W-L Predictions

    If you value your time so much what are doing in here trolling since you already know that skins are going to put a poor product on the field. He may have only posted 62 times but he hit the nail on the head when he wrote about you being a fair weather fan.
  2. Dude what are you talking about the skins have been winning off the field just not competitive off the field...
  3. Have the Vikings been world beaters? Im talking about the skins being competitive which they have been for the most part.
  4. Did you forget the fact that Kirk choose not to counter the skins offer on May 2nd? I'm Dan Hellie from the NFL network who said that "the reason that Kirk didn't counter the Skins offer in May was because he was afraid that the Skins would match it". Kirk didn't want to be hear plan and simple.
  5. I will give it to them last year they were good. I was saying that the skins have been competitive not how good the Skins have been. The skins in the last three years haven't been competitive? Ok in 2015 the Vikings lost in the first rd. Yes they have been ok.
  6. Compared to the Vikings in that time span from 2013 yes.
  7. They have been ok. You could argue that the skins have been highly competitive as well.
  8. Man some of you have to get a grip with Cousins leaving. Like I have said numerous times in this thread is that Cousins isn't worth the contract that he had. I am a little angry at the skins for not making a reasonable offer to Cousins after the 15 season but honestly up until that point Kirk as a starter was not very good and the team wanted to see if he could duplicate that and he did and the Skins made him an offer that Kirk choose not to counter. Therefore, at that point it should have signaled to skins fans that he just didn't want to be here and he knew by not countering the offer he would hit free agency and some team would over pay for his mediocre skills. I understand that the skins could have handled the Kirk situation better but come on Kirk never wanted to be here from the day Shanny drafted.
  9. I disagree the Skins presented Kirk a deal that he chose not to counter. KC is all about himself don't let his good boy act fool you. Point in case the camera's following him through free agency.
  10. I get the market dictates value but geesh how are they going to be able to maintain the rest of their team? I'm glad the skins didn't make an offer because it is apparent KC is all about the money and the attention dollars.
  11. Leading up to the 15 season Kirk at that point was not a proven commodity at the QB position and I didn't blame the skins in investing in a long term deal for him. Then Kirk's unwillingness not to counter the Skins offer last May is that he knew that the Skins would have matched it. I understand that it looks like the skins bungled this situation but Kirk just didn't want to be here.
  12. He may have some traits of a franchise QB but he's missing one key ingredient and that is being clutch. Look at the Giants game or how he chose to throw to Doctson instead of Reed at the end of the KC game. KC is good at times but I think he was a stat collector which bolstered his numbers.
  13. I agree they should have traded him but I honestly think the skins wanted to start the process of negations that is why in my opinion that is why the offer the skins made was offered right after the draft.
  14. I like Kirk I think is a good QB he's a one the best of the good QB's but he's not a franchise QB in my opinion.
  15. There may some truth to that but as I have stated before Kirk hasn't really shown interest in staying with the skins and this dates back to when he was unhappy being drafted as Bob's back up.