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  1. Just saw Mad Max Fury Road a second time. Might need to see it a 3rd while I still can. Awesome.
  2. Again, no 980 stream. Gone from favorites and searching for it results in nada. Why advertise live radio stream on the Redskins website when it doesn't work? Does my ESPN phone app know my location? Geez.
  3. Thanks fellas! VIPbox is working best but it is still choppy. What's up with ESPN 980 dropping the audio stream during the game? Even the Redskins website says "listen to the game live" but for the second week in a row as soon as the game starts 980 dissapears from the ESPN radio app. I have the station "favorited" and it's gone from my list. So frustrating.
  4. Bump. First time trying this. Fingers crossed, it's my only option today aside from the radio.
  5. Adam Carolla on Redskins Controversy: “This Is About White People Feeling Better About Themselves” Few quotes that stuck out: Rest at the Link: http://politicsinformer.com/382251/carolla-on-redskins-controversy-this-is-about-white-people-feeling-better-about-themselves/
  6. War is offensive. Additionally, if you keep the mascot, these same "offended" groups will want it to change sooner rather than later. Just sayin.
  7. A warrior is good at war (read: killing people). Nope, not offensive at all!
  8. How is Warriors less offesnive than Redskins? That name too will have to change in time.
  9. Big game. I think they can do it. They win this without Nene today, they can win the series.
  10. ... and the steak is broken. It's official, doesn't matter what they wear.
  11. For the superstitious among us, the Skins three wins have come wearing burgundy jerseys this year.
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