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The worst song ever made.


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I would like to hear some horribly bad songs from some of you posters.

Warning...these songs are so bad, I had to cut off my index finger for hitting the send button. Don't quite know what to do with it now, maybe a paper weight?

Anyway, not responsible for you puking or otherwise getting ill from these songs.

It's not my fault!


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I won't link it, because I can't justify it from a moral standpoint, but Summer Girls by LFO is the worst pop song in the history of the world. The only worse thing I've ever heard is this song called "The Worst Song in the World" or something like that. It's like 23 minutes long and specifically designed using polling information of what people don't like. Like Christmas jingles about Walmart that lead into tribal chants and ****. It's amazing.

Edit: It's actually called "The Most Unwanted Song."

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I'll see that, and raise you:


While that is horrid, the lyrics of Christmas Shoes outshine all. Basically, a guy is tired of Christmas, so God sends a destitute child to him. The man pays for the poor child's shoes...a gift for his mother...who is dying...and may meet JESUS TONIGHT!!!!!...because the guy wasn't in the Christmas Mood! It's sociopathic!

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I thought it was common knowledge that "We built this city" by Starship is the worst song ever.


Some recent crappy ones are

Something in your mouth by Nickelback. Just some of the worst lyrics ever


and as if the original wasn't bad enough, this remake of Land of Confusion by Disturbed just sucks balls

I agree with the Cheryl Crow Sweet Child cover. That was a horrible idea.

And one more cover that I hate is by a guy that normally I love musically, Maynard Keenan. The Imagine cover is no good. The whole tone of that song flies in the face of the original which was meant to be uplifting and inspirational. I'm not sure if Maynard was trying to be sarcastic, ironic with it or what his intention was, but I hate it.

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