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  1. Nick Young is going bananas and lots of Wizards are contributing to dominate the third quarter.
  2. And now ESPN says that Gil has been fined $50k for his latest headline. It took all of 4 preseason games for the Wizard of Odd to cause a stir again. I wouldn't be so sore if he didn't miss two whole seasons, so long that I forgot what he looked like. For the better part of 5 years this relationship has been very disfunctional. If not for the Caps and Skins I would be a very depressed VA fan. The Wizards have been bad since before I was born.
  3. I must have missed this signing when it happened. Is he supposed to be sharp shooting type role player for us? I recall him essentially being a bust for Charlotte considering he was taken so high, plus he tore his ACL. Does anyone have any insight or expectations for him?
  4. Not so innocent anymore, is it? I'm sorry, GA is just too weird for his own good. Many of his antics have proven that his judgment is sorely lacking. It's too bad because I used to love Gilbert the player.
  5. We signed Adam Morrison? When did this happen? Haha, the dude has TWO Championship rings. WTF
  6. I don't find it very amusing. Sure, it sounds like he is being a good teammate and helping out Young. But he is also undermining Saunders and this becomes just another typical Gilbert quirk. You had your moments Gilbert and you got us back to the playoffs and for that I thank you. But most of the time we just put up with you being a psycho and repeatedly injuring yourself. Peace out after this year.
  7. That airbag prank is pretty much the worst idea ever. I can see someone lying paralyzed while their dumb friends cackle like baboons all around them.
  8. I would pay money to have that commercial translated and then explained to me. I will be haunted forever.
  9. Sam Adams Winter Lager is definitely one of my top 5 favorite beers. I can't wait to have my first draft Winter Lager of the season.
  10. That's a goblin shark. I was just reading about them online a few days ago.
  11. I'm sorry, but that was just incredibly boring. And I'm curious how you expected anyone to get that pic without any background to the story. Just saying...
  12. Looks like someone's been playing edward 40 hands.
  13. Hahaha. The Austin Powers Oddjob GIF is a masterpiece.
  14. Holy Crap! The post vanished. That is awesome.
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