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I'm looking forward to the new season of Curb your Enthusiasm. They're supposed to have some sort of Seinfeld reunion of sorts with all the original actors and the actual Seinfeld sets. I'm excited to see how that goes down. Larry David is hilarious.


I can't believe noone else watch Curb.

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I'll prolly check out fastforward. And ofcourse The Ultimate Fighter starts up this week aswell.

I'm not one to correct grammar or spelling, so I'll ask instead. Do you or others mean to mispell the word probably?? Is it a regional thing/slang and I'm just missing it?? I'm curious :)

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Anyone see Glee on FOX? Great show.

I started watching because the lead girl is hot. I actually really enjoyed the show. It joined the list of shows that I watch.



NCIS( I will check out the spin-off also)




Chuck(when it comes back)


The Mentalist

World Series of Poker


I love DVR because I hardly ever watch things when they come on.

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