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  1. At getting injured? Dude is fragile. Burrows current season ****s on what Tua has done in college.
  2. LSU has an argument for the best college team ever. They beat Clemson, Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Auburn, Florida in one season.
  3. Chase is a sophomore so we will need to wait a year. He is a beast.
  4. I am really enjoying the coverage NBC has done with the EPL. I really don't claim a team even though I have watched a lot EPL games over the years. I will say I found myself cheering for Cardiff against Manchester City.
  5. Anyone know the bars that will be holding the fight in Baltimore city or around the area?
  6. I am not big into UFC, but I watched this fight. Machida looked out of it before the restart. The look in his eyes, you could tell it wouldn't be long.
  7. Celebration ale is in the stores now. I picked up a 12 pack tonight.
  8. I picked up a six pack of The Fear and six of Loose Cannon on my ride home from work. $21.99 is way too much. Some good drinking this weekend.
  9. Beer week in Baltimore starts up in a week. http://www.baltimorebeerweek.com/
  10. Cracked open a couple Bigfoots tonight. I haven't had a Barleywine that I like more so far.
  11. Wish that I bought another bottle of this when I was in Hilton Head. I had never had it before and it was it was really good.
  12. Big fan of Sierra Nevada. They make a number of beers that are really good. Torpedo is a really good IPA. I am not a huge porter fan but I really like theirs. Their seasonals are really good. I try to pick up a 6 of Tumbler and Celebration when they come out. I definitely look forward to Big Foot being released every year.
  13. I just picked up Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel, 17th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA and Galaxy Hopped Barleywine Ale (Brothers' Reserve Series) when I was in Hilton Head this week. They have this place call Growlers there that has a pretty good selection. I haven't tried them yet but I kind of just picked a couple beers that I have never tried.
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