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Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

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It certainly isn't reliable. I go to bars during the reg season.

Yep. This is bad enough to deal with for preseason. Since the games don't count, it's not so bad to miss a few plays. Also, the quality blows! I've got it up on my 71" and it is okay but it's certainly not HD.

This is why I've subscribed to Sunday Ticket for 15 years. I would NOT want to go through these hoops every week, and I've gotta have HD. For the price nowadays though, they should throw in preseason too!

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I tried all 7 or 10 of the Justin sites several times and got nothing. I was actually hoping for Justin because last week they looked FAR better than the ATDHE. But ATDHE is working tonight, though the stream is crap.

I looked for Justin.TV channel 70 (or was it 7?) and could not get to it. How do you change to an actual channel number?

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