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  1. I admit romo worked Taylor, but rogers is much quicker on his feet. :point2sky
  2. Had to have been a third party ad as I am running Kapersky AV and no script and didn't get alerted for anything. Ran a scan after the game and found nothing. The only problem I had with Vshare was not being asked about the search bar being put in (unless I missed it), but that's easy to get rid of.
  3. The Vshare one is the same stream, just better quality. I have had no problems with the stream however I am running good virus protection and am running noscript.
  4. Which stream are you guys using at atdhe that's bad? The one i'm using is great
  5. You can purchase the preaseaon games on nfl.com for like $30. I'm pretty sure thats where this stream is coming from.
  6. Posting the links in this forum is fine. The only need for PM'ing is to keep congestion on a link down, but everyone is just going to ask for a PM anyways so broadcasting is fine. Watching the video through a stream is absolutely fine. Downloading/recording the game from a stream is about the only thing a viewer could do "wrong". I'm at work so I'll be watching through a stream once the start up. Can't wait for this game! HTTR
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