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  1. It's called stop beign cheap Skin fans and support your team by paying a FAIR LOW price of 20.00$ at and you can watch EVERY SINGLE SKINS GAME! HTTR!
  3. Just got back from the bar. It was good to see a solid offensive drive from our unit. Sick pick by Hall also! Now to watch the second have on links HTTR
  4. In my opinion we're going to be on TV alot this year. The reason I say that is because we have alot of Prime Time games, along with alot of afternoon games at 4:15 on Fox. Usually Fox will Air us against the Packers,Eagles etc. over some other scrubs. Also were on Sunday Night twice along with begin on MNF once. So I'd say Im only going to have to go to the bar maybe 6 times this year?