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US soccer sucks, period.

Meh...I was on the same boat as you were but in this chat I'm in they keep talking about Miracle on Grass and crap like that and it's hard not to get swept up in nationalistic pride

For one day the US did well in international play. Good job, and GL against Spain / Next Opponent

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Heart and desire. And we advance.

USA Soccer has the potential to be good, I don't know how anyone can say they don't. If you watched the game today you saw what they can do when the passes are clicking and the defense is solid.

Amazing. Best country in the world, and best soccer team in the world. :D


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Egypt and Italy both fail at life. Neither could score just one goal today.

And now we get to play Spain, lol. They've won, what? 15 straight? That is just unreal.

15 straight wins and 35 games unbeaten. Their last defeat was in 2006.

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Dont knock on kilmer. He is absolutely right on all his quips with the USA national team. We still put Conner Casey in for who knows what reason. I dunno how bradley could think that he would bring anything to the plate offensively. In fact his best play this tournament was the head out on the late corner today.

But ... for another day. USA! USA

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I am ****ing so happy that that **** rossi is going home. How anyone can celebrate like that after scoring against the country of his birth is disgusting. What a prick.

However, Spain is gonna **** us up. We aren't organized very well defensively and we don't keep possession for more than 3 passes so im guessing 3-0 Spain and a 70-30 possession ratio. Im actually in spain for this game so it should be fun. Also i love the spanish national team coinsidering 5 LFC players play for them, Torres, Alonso, Arbeloa, Reina, and Riera. However, i would love the USA to win this competition.

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Now, here's the thing-

1- We just proved again, that we CAN be a dangerous team with the right matchups and against a team who underestimates us. It also helps when their best player is out.

2- However, we would be remiss to not mention some glaring problems that still exist. For starters, why why WHY do you ever take Altidore out of a game? Smart move to bring in Feilhaber, and move Dempsey up top (because his defense and midfield disasters cost us a few goals recently). But you take off Davies, not Jozy.

3- When you have the result you need in hand, and STILL HAVE A ****ING SUB LEFT, you use that sub at the 90th minute to run time. I think that Bob thinks subs are like yellow cards, that they somehow get saved game to game.

4- Landon, Jozy- SHOOT THE BALL!!!!

5- Onyewu has just made himself a LOOOTTTTTTT of money. If he doesnt make the all tournament squad, it's a crime.

6- I still want Bob fired. Yes, this was a great result, but it doesnt excuse the TERRIBLE play in our last 6 matches. Go beat Spain and Brazil, then Mexico in August, then I'll believe. Otherwise, he still isnt getting it done.

7- Hey Rossi- **** YOU!!!!!!!!!

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