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There was a French guy that played for the US some years ago. Can't remember his name now. This kind of thing happens a lot as far as I can tell. As long as you become a citizen of a country and haven't played any international games for any other nation, you can pretty much play anywhere that accepts you.

David Regis. He married an American woman.

It happens. Doesnt make Rossi any less of a scumbag piece of crap.

Justice served that it was his error that lead to the final Brazil goal that sent his side packing. I hope his legs fall off.

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Jeebus, you'd think Rossi was God's gift to soccer the way people are pissed that he chose to play for Italy. Either that or he stole your lunch money as a child.

Rossi would start every game for the US and be a difference maker.

So would Neven Subotic who chose Serbia.

People ask what it will take for the US to become a world soccer power? One of the fastest ways will be to keep good American players playing for America.

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