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So apparently USA has to win 3-0 and something has to happen in Brazil's game for USA to advance.

Soccer neophyte here thought that we'd be fine if we won 1-0 but apparently Egypt moves on if that remains the score, or if the US wins 2-0. :/

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as long as italy doesnt score we're just competing with egypt right now to catch up on their goal differential

edit brazil could put up 10 but if usa only wins 2-0 egypt still advances

no. usa + brazil goal difference has to be +7. if

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right now italys goal differential is -2 with 3 goals scored total

usa's is -3 with 3 goals scored

egypts is -2 with 4 goals scored

so if usa scores one more and wins 3-0 they would be -2, drop egypt to -3 (out) and win over italy based on goals scored

what i meant is that even if brazil decided to keep scoring and it ends up 5-0 if usa doesnt get to 3-0 it wont matter

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