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The ES List of the Greatest Cartoons Ever - GROUP B (new poll)


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Group B consists of ten cartoons selected from the nominations list. You are to vote for FIVE of these cartoons. The top 5 from this group of 10 will advance. Again, you select what you think are the FIVE best cartoons on this list. Happy voting and good luck to your favorites.

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Which of these FIVE cartoons are the best?

I assume you can count to 5 which means you meant "Which FIVE of these cartoons..." since there are more than five listed.

I couldn't find 5 on that list that I liked so I only picked three.

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Looks like the Disney Afternoon will be left with just one representative (unless Gargoyles pulls through)

I think I saw Gummi Bears on the list somewhere, but I don't see it getting through, either. Nor Darkwing duck. But I guess it depends on the matchups. Those Disney Afternoon cartoons were some of my favorites, so its a bit disapointing to see them fall so early, yet not surprising.

Venture brothers is really good, but it's just got too much stiff competition, and probably not enough exposure, either.

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Jeez two lists and only one cartoon worthy of consideration (South Park). You ever hear of the the Loony Tunes cartoons, The Simpsons, The Disney movies?

First off, Disney MOVIES are not cartoon series. Second...if you actually read you'd know there are 80 more cartoons to go through which include the Simpsons and Looney Tunes... :dunce:

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