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Everyone's Favorite Redskin


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Without a doubt, everyone's favorite Redskin is Jason Campbell. It doesn't matter whether you love him or love to hate him, no one can seem to stop talking about him. No matter what the subject is, if it is about the Redskins then you can bet that Jason Campbell will inevitably become the central topic.

If he has done nothing else during his career, he has at least given everyone something to talk about.

And if there was no other reason, this thread proves that the offseason is boring. :silly:

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He's the quarterback, everyone talks about the quarterback. Or the coach... Even my grandma can identify who the QB is on the field and say a couple of relevant things about the position during a game.

Imagine what a real quarterback controversy like Kilmer vs. Jurgensen would have been like if it happened in the internet age.

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