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  1. Hey, you need to clear out your inbox so I can send you a PM.
  2. That's a good question. I liked the ending better.
  3. That's cool. Now what happened to the original paloffs thread?
  4. This is understandable. The Jaguars are 0-3, aren't they? Teams who are winless in the preseason usually try very hard not to lose their last game... except for perhaps the Colts, they seem to have no problem with it. XD Fun fact: Last year every AFC team who won the most preseason games as compared to the other teams in their division ended up winning their divisions. None of the NFC teams who boasted the most pre-season wins were divisional champions.
  5. That question has been brough up many times (usually by JC supporters in my experience), but it is one of those great unanswerables.
  6. Cooley? When someone makes that let me know, I'm signing up. It might be hard to come up with a name though; so many players already used the catch "C" titles.
  7. I'd say "they" are wrong. Detroit won all of its pre-season games last year (including the third) and it did not matter at all. I've heard that the Colts are like 2-14 in their recent pre-seasons (although those stats might be pre-2008), but that hasn't stopped them from making a playoff appearance every year. If you think about it, last year was a dissapointment, but it wasn't abysmal, imo. At least it wasn't a losing season; there are several teams that wish they could say the same. Edit: I like the burgundy on burgundy too.
  8. That thought had already occurred to me. I don't have anything to hide so whatever...
  9. What breed of horses do you have?