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  1. What does the perfect future look like?
  2. "Kaptain Klutch"

  3. ^ I'm a fan of the "new" gold pants as well B&G! (G&B?) edit: I'm sure this could be discussed in an existing thread *cleans nose*
  4. Holy crap! WTF have I been for 4 years!? This thread owns!
  5. hahaha its ok.. its ok as long as it plays football games, i love it (and meditation music when i sleep?)
  6. **** the Cowboys thanks for giving me a place to say this whenever I feel the need Hail!
  7. hmmm This wouldnt make me hate the guy. Maybe question his judgement, however.
  8. Jeff Bostic is the only Skin with my birthday (Sept. 18)
  9. Goddamn Right! **** The Cowboys! http://images2.cafepress.com/product/192188162v2_350x350_Front_Color-Black.jpg http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o197/Yelaza/Redskins.jpg
  10. Last but not least (for tonight anyways), by request:
  11. I can't resist.. I must join in.
  12. Dont hate me for going here but.... Im only Human The Cheerleaders Uniforms are hot as hell
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