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  1. I dont know man......saw it in slow motion a couple times and didnt see that. Guess I will have to see it again.
  2. I didnt get a good look at the Wade foul call. But Hinrich was NOT fouled.......Bosh jumped straight up in the air and Hinrich plowed into him....... They were letting them play all night to be honest. Im not going to sit here and deny the NBA doesnt give superstar treatment though. No question it does.
  3. Being a Heat fan......I feel DIRTY winning that game........just not right....lol
  4. They are great at getting to the rack but they get doubled......forcing them to either kick it out to an open role player, or shoot a J despite the double...........they have zero low post presence.... Even BOSH is a jumpshooter.
  5. Wade is AWFUL tonight. Just getting OWNED by Wizard defenders at the rack.
  6. You put John Wall, and Rashard Lewis into this lineup and the Wizards might be a pretty damn good team. Thats saying they can sustain playing somewhere near this level consistantly As for my Heat........this is their problem. They are a jump shooting team almost exclusivley.......if the jumpers arent falling.......they are going to lose games.
  7. The Wizards been playing D like this all year? Wade cant get to the rack and is making some stupid decisions........everyone else is scared to death to shoot. Bosh has been shut down. Lebron is the only way the Heat are winning this game.
  8. Hmm. Yeah I actually never had a problem with the guy even when he was on the Cavs. Was happy as hell when he came to the Heat, even if he did do it in a JACK ASS way. Guess you just have to separate the off court and on court when it comes to sports. Mike Vick is a total dick bag but they love him in Philly. If Haynesworth had 12 sacks I would love the guy.......despite being a total piece of garbaaaaage
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