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  1. I hate the term "if it ain't broke don't fix it" especially when referring to sports uniforms with longevity. Well to be honest, the look is kinda "broken" if you want to put it that way. We started wearing the current version of the Redskins uniform in 1979. From that point until the last time they won the Super Bowl, their record was 131-77 and a winning percentage of .629. Since the 1992 season, they've had a 138-198 record and a winning percentage of .410. I dunno about you, sounds like they're pretty "broken." Plus lets face it, younger fans need a uniform to call their own and to reme
  2. New jerseys = $$$ and Dan likes $$$. Think about it, plenty of people have bought white burgundy and throwback Griffin jerseys. Those same people would likely buy the new version as well. Also, I believe I remember Griffin himself calling for new uniforms on Twitter, not saying it means anything but I feel like the new generation deserves a new look.
  3. The collar will do as a bandaid until we get a complete uniform overhaul in a year or two
  4. If i'm correct the ravens jersey you posted is a retail jersey designed to mimic the look of the flywire collar they put on the authentics. So basically they are one in the same. I believe the white jerseys they wear next year will be identical to the ones last year, but the only difference being the burgundy on the collar is now white.
  5. if only to differentiate from Green Bay's pant style. I do feel like we're going to get a complete uniform overhaul soon though
  6. Actually, we have already ditched the burgundy pants before the season to make room for the throwback ones.
  7. I'd pass on the sleeves, long jersey sleeves like that would look extremely goofy nowadays. the only way you could do that with the modern uniforms would be with a corresponding undershirt, which would still look kinda weird.
  8. After further review, the jerseys are growing on me, even the brown helmets aren't seeming so bad after I looked at the texture. The helmets definitely look alot better than the Packer's brown helmets. The pants should match the gold on the numbers, in my opinion. They definitely scream Boston College to me. I'll say it again, they could have done A LOT better job on these. Got pretty excited when Orakpo said we'd be going 'all-out' with these alternates, because it appears we got exactly the opposite.
  9. Ugly uniforms are ugly no matter what anniversary it is. Good think Laron Landry isn't here, Laron don't like ugly.
  10. Might have looked good back then, but this is the 21st century. Hell I would have taken black uniforms over these... Its like they took the 1994 uniforms, ripped off the Starter logo and put a Nike swoosh there. :puke:
  11. Oh god these are horrendous. is it the 85th anniversary yet? Definitely not wasting my money on this crap
  12. Couldnt they have just been like "Oh well here's a picture of the uniforms, kbye" like a normal team? I feel like everything the Redskins do is long, drawn out, and disappointing.
  13. Am I the only one hoping they aren't throwbacks? I'm honestly not too sure any of our old uniforms would look good with the updated Nike-style jersey, maybe with the exception of the spear and feather. Fingers crossed they're new uniforms altogether.
  14. its a carbon-copy of the 75th anniversary logo, they just changed the number. What creativity!
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