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I think Jay Glazer has lost his mind with this Mock Draft


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28.png 13. Redskins — If they haven't traded for Sanchez ... Maryland WR Darrius Heyward-Bey.

This one is a wild card. They can go TE Brandon Pettigrew, a speedy wideout or a pass rusher like Brian Orakpo or Everette Brown.

Who I'd take — Pettigrew. The Oklahoma State TE has legitimate Pro Bowl potential and could team with Chris Cooley to bring Jason Campbell's game up a notch. I'd go wideout later if I was Washington.

Im pretty sure we have a tight end right? And we drafted one last year right? Am I missing something here

Are you serious? WTH

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Jay Glazer has more inside information then most.

If he posting mocks, he certainly has already done his homework with teams before simply pulling straws.

I don't believe his mock is that far off in general, but I would disagree with the Redskins taking Pettigrew.

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Glazer is alot less in the know than you give him credit for. He's not an "insider". He usually regurgitates other news. He never comes up with anything on his own that is accurate. It's mostly nonsense pulled from his rear end.

He should stick to broadcasting MMA and PRIDE Fighting.

He's worthless IMO

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Chargers taking OSU RB Beanie Wells at 16...after being on the hook for $14 million in 2009 alone to LT and Sproles?!?

Well, LT will be 30 when the season starts (can you believe that??? man I feel old :( ), and Sproles is not a heavy-duty back, so aside from the $$ issue it at least makes more sense than us taking DHB and/or Pettigrew. Yikes!

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