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  1. Win > Uniform combo. That said, I'll give my preferences: 1. 70th retro combo 2. White jersey/burgundy pants 3. Burgundy jersey/white pants 4. White jersey/white pants 5. 75th combo (Liked the jersey more than our regular, but the bright yellow pants...) I'll see how the burgundy-on-burgundy look. Overall, for all NFL teams, I feel it's better to have alternating colors. There, my fashion police contribution.
  2. SkinsMaster88

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    9-7 and we're essentially in. Considering that we could've won the last 4 games, if not for mistakes in the 4th quarter, winning a stretch of 4 isn't that delirious. Things can balance out in the end. Meantime, we take it one game at a time. Win against Chicago and knock them out of the running. Fight to survive.