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  1. Rumor has it RVD resigned with the WWE today...I'm hoping he disrupts the Mark Henry vs Cena match tonight.
  2. I was about to pull the trigger on this tonight when I saw it but I decided not to for some reason. Your comments make me glad I didn't. I'd still like to try it though. I ended up buying some Brooklyn Lager. I thought it was fairly enjoyable.
  3. Love RVD vs Sabu matches. It was pretty good. I'd like to see Dreamer vs Raven.
  4. Fantastic brew. One of my favorites. The name of the beer is totally spot on.
  5. I thought the Stone Russian Imperial Stout was freaking fantastic when I had it over the summer. Need MORE!!!!!
  6. Pretty sweet beer privileges from Stone. Damn. Working for Stone sounds like a pretty cool gig to have.
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