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Pick the Best GM in the NFL (if you could choose one to be the Redskins GM)


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My B&G colored glasses won't even let me pick Vinny, sorry. You gotta go with Pioli. Belichek coached a Dynasty, but Pioli got the players to make it happen. The Randy Moss steal, Brady with a 6th round draft pick, hands down. I'm gonna keep an eye on how it goes in KC, because I have a lot of respect for him.

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Bill Belicheck runs New England's entire draft room. Let's not be fooled.

If I could take anyone it would be Bill Belicheck. If Dan wants to pay anyone 10M per, it should of been that man.

Anyone who has read 'Education of a Coach' understands whe New England is so successful.

You know why Bill wasn't out at the owners meetings rubbing shoulders with everyone? Because he was out scouting, breaking down film, and getting his football team's Front Office prepared for tomorrow.

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The sad thing is we could've landed Pioli this year. :(

That's horribly depressing. Cassel *and* Vrabel for a 2. I'm going to go curl up in the fetal position and think about how many picks we'll give away tomorrow to move up a handful of spots. :(

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