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the man he calls himself "the Anti-Christ"


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this guy claims to be the Anti-Christ, but his meaning is that it means the new Christ. he claims to be better then Jesus, that there is no sins or hell but only Heaven and angels have gone into his body. His followers tattoo 666 on themselves and he tells them to wear it with pride, and also stating that he will be president. Any of yall go to one of his churches? Lord, i pray not. how do yall feel about this?

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well see anti means no, yet he believes that the antichrist is the new Christ. so if there is a anti-drug zone, is that a new drug zone to go sell in? he is leading people away from the truth but i dont feel that hes the Antichrist. yet he gon have to answer to Christ to why he led so many people astray. bible also spoke abuot many false prophets in the world.

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