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  1. Did anyone watch the golf tournament today? I felt sorry for the Irishman losing to Tiger Woods. He played his heart out in that tournament.
  2. Well, she kind of hastened to the end of the sentence so yeah, probably...
  3. So yesterday as I was riding my jetski on Chesapeake Bay, I was doing my usual thing until then I saw this huge double decker ship coming along toward my path(okay, a mini cruise ship...). Anyway, just like any curious 19 year old guy would do, he would like to test out those waves. Big mistake. The waves were like as deep as 20 feet, and I was sucked in. I went down there, MADE my way under the 20 feet high waves, and got stung by a million jellyfishes. After that, I looked back at the cruise ship and said a big ....
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