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  1. God this match is going to suck. Edge will have to carry the match as always,,,,,
  2. Anyway you guys can give match results? I'm stuck with no way to access it. Thanks.
  3. Was at the gym last night and randomly saw Victoria walk by me while I was working out. Wasn't sure if it was her (or why she would be at my gym) but then I saw Chavo. Then I realized Smackdown was in Baltimore tonight. I'm sure there were wrestlers in and out of my gym all day. I would have given my middle nut to see Undertaker pumping iron................
  4. Smithwicks is my new favorite change of pace beer.........
  5. And win like 12 more world championships........and bang like 1,203 more ****tail waitresses LOL
  6. Ummm....exactly. Flair retired and Nash is still wrestling. By the way I think Flair gets a pass to wrestle past his prime after being one of the greatest of all time. Nash has um.......been knocked off after a finger to the chest from Hogan. Way to spit in the face of wrestling............
  7. Nah I rather watch a guy dressed up like a shark wrestle a black guy dressed up like the Macho Man. That's REAL wrestling...........
  8. Flair retired at Wrestlemania. Guess you really don't know what your talking about.....
  9. They got a bunch of drug addict WWE rejects. Samoa Joe is a horrible athlete with no personality. Kevin Nash is 60 years old. Sting can't do anything in the ring anymore. DAIVARI HAS A TITLE FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!! Abyss is an obvious Kane/Undertaker knockoff. There shows are so cheesy they remind me of 90's WCW crap.
  10. TNA is a waste of time. Angle is the only decent wrestler they have.........
  11. I can't watch TNA. It's minor league talent with a mixture of washed up drug addicts.......
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