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Peter Queen picks us to lose!


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I usually don't care what experts say about us...but this just makes me LOL!

Washington Redskins (5-2) at Detroit Lions (0-6)

It makes no sense, picking Dan Orlovsky to win an NFL game. But I've had pretty good luck with the upset recently -- Miami over San Diego, St. Louis over Dallas -- and I've got the Washington-taking-Detroit-lightly feel here, along with the Marinelli-making-life-miserable-for-his-losers feel. Detroit will play very hard get a few bounces, finally.

Prediction: Detroit Lions 20, Washington Redskins 17


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As if we needed any more proof that King is a ****ing idiot.

Miami over San Diego was pickable because San Diego is struggling and Miami had just come off an impressive performance over the Patriots. Rams over Cowboys was predictable because the Rams had momentum after a win over us and their new head coach, while the Cowboys were reeling after 2 out of 3 games lost and all the drama surrounding their teams.

Skins vs Lions isn't relatable to either of those. What an imbecile.

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Ummmm....Earth to Peter.....Earth to Peter. Peter, the Redskins were already UPSET 2 weeks ago by the Rams.......gee, don't ya think the Skins will be a little more ready this time around watching out for that upset bug?

Seriously, this is hilarious.....but it's ok....I love all the hate for our Skins because it only motivates our guys when they hear about jerks like Peter King. Thanks, Pete!!!

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Skins already had an upset game with the Rams, I don't think we'll lose because we underestimated the Lions. King is reaching here, but since he was looking to pick an upset, we were really the only ones he could go with this week that would actually be a big upset.

Here's this week's match-ups:

SD/NO: toss up

Oak/Bal: If Oakland wins, it won't be a huge upset

Buf/Mia: Bills are playing good, but Miami is a division rival and is a threat. Not a big upset if the Phins win.

KC/Jets: Jets should win, but they lost to Oakland, so this wouldn't be a huge upset.

AZ/Car: Car is favorite, but not a big upset if AZ wins.

TB/Dal: TB likely wins, but Dallas winning wouldn't be a big upset

StL/NE: Rams have that spark again. They aren't great, but they do have talent. Pats you don't know who will show up, so this wouldn't be a big upset.

Atl/Phi: This game could go either way, it's a toss up

Cle/Jac: toss up

NYG/Pitt: toss up

Sea/SF: toss up

Ind/TN: TN is undefeated, but Colts are still the Colts. Not a huge upset if the Colts win.

So in looking over this week's match-ups, the Lions beating the Skins, IMO, would be THE biggest upset, and that is all King was going for, as opposed to balanced journalism.

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If you erase the loss to the Rams, and you move this game to Fed Ex Field, then I could see our team sleep walking through the game, but after getting beat by the Rams(at home), and having the game come down to the wire at home vs. the Browns, no way the Skins are taking this game lightly.

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