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  1. Ha! Steve Spurrier was the first to have the team wear white on white. All the nay-sayers gotta admit that the Skins seem to play great and WIN more often than not when they wear white on white!
  2. Dallas has never been too crazy about wearing their blue jerseys.....very smart to have the Skins wearing white for this big game!!!!
  3. Would anybody like to see the Redskins add a Gold or a Black colored jersey as an alternative to wearing their white or burgundy tops? Keep in mind there are already several teams that have THREE tops to pick from on game day...not just two. The Lions, Eagles, and Jags wear black on occasion. A shiney GOLD jersey similar to the jersey worn by Georgia Tech players could be quite fashionable. Any thoughts?
  4. I love it when they wear throw-back uniforms. This season they should wear the same uniforms, (wear them against Dallas) but have the burgundy jerseys on this time, along with the gold pants. Awesome!
  5. How about a gold jersey on a few occasions? The Georgia-Tech football team sports a shiny gold jersey that looks pretty cool...and something similar could look cool for the Skins as well. Gold jerseys, white pants....just once in a while....
  6. I have no respect for their fans.....the ones that aren't from Texas, that is. . I really don't hate their players. Actually, their fans that are from Texas are pretty cool fans and people. On the other hand, I wanna vomit right in the face of the typical bandwagon loser Dallas fan who has never been anywhere near Texas in his life. Have you ever noticed that a typical bandwagon Dallas fan is the kind of guy that is a loser in life? Also, he's quite often the kind of guy that wasn't very good at sports as well. Yeah, he's such a loser, that he feels the need to cling to teams that have had su
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