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Just checking in to say hi!!!


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I am in Spain for work and have some down time before my boss arrives so I thought I would pop in and say hello! The only TV in English is a looping CNN reel and I am sick of watching it. I popped on to ask some questions about the NFL Game Pass so I can catch the game on Sunday online.

Sorry I have not been around -- my new job is killing me, its great but I have never been so busy in my life. There are some insane perks (obviously, I am in Valencia) so it makes it all worth it. :)

Well I miss you guys... I will try and pop down to the next tailgate to say hi!!

Hope everyone is well!


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Truly excellent. I'd kill for the chance to work in Spain for a while. An incredibly beautiful country, hot babes, and really excellent food...except for the organ meat tapas. Ewwww.

Have a great time!

lol -- I am also here for a international hair color competition and the models are the most gorgeous women I have ever seen. They are all Spanish and German.

thanks for all the kind words... I really do miss you guys!!

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I wondered where you went, the O's season ended crappy:(. Is your husband with you? Hopefully his team loses tonight....:)

oh the poor O's. they couldn't give the tickets away at the end... we could go and there would be like 5 people there for $1 ticket night.

He is not here, its my first big show and I am here to keep the media entertained so I don't think he would enjoy. Next year the show is in Vegas I am sure he will go then.... (I hope the Sox lose too... I am totally pulling for Tampa this year -- lets change things up in the AL east!)

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Paige, will you be in Valencia the whole time? Or will you get to travel around? Please take some pictures and share with us, I've never been to Spain and would love to go there someday! But I would love to see a few snapshots in the meantime.

Anyway, have fun, do some good shopping, sightseeing, and eating out (If you have the time) and have a safe trip. Hope you are enjoying your new job :D

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