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Favorite Football Movie?


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Remember the Titans.

I can sit down at ANY point in that movie and finish it out. And when Gary dies at the end I usually end up losing it at the funeral scene.

Plus when that coach is calling him "Coach Coon" and Denzel throws him that banana in the ultimate F-YOU!! I usually get hyped up too.



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It appears I'm the only one who didn't like Remember The Titans. When they broke out into song, I shut it off. I just couldn't take it.

Rudy wins, no question imho.


I would agree with you but the acting in it outdoes the singing. Plus it's Disney, you gotta expect a little cheese..

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I like Remember the Titans, but after I read the Real Life/Reel Life thing and saw just how much of that story was made up or embellished, it kind of dropped in my eyes. It truly is "based on a true story." On the other hand, there's TC Williams guy in our ES dynasty league, and we use this movie against him liberally.

I think of all of the ones I've seen, I prefer The Program, I feel it's probably one of the more realistic ones out there. Now as far as a good movie that is semi football related...


The Longest Yard wins by a mile. And yes, this is another reason why I hate Adam Sandler so much.

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