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  1. What was Riiiiicky Hatton doing there? Mayweather by decision.
  2. That's something Ryan "the Master" Bader ( , sorry had to) can easily improve on. How is his BjJ?
  3. This one is still my favorite. It's going to take something special to dethrone it.
  4. This is the best Mastercard "Priceless" commercial EVER.
  5. This fight is tough to call. Jones has nothing to lose yet IMO still fights not to lose which will spell disaster for him against Calzaghe. If Jones sets the tone and gets after Calzaghe early, the way Hopkins should have, then Jones will win in a decision. Don't expect a knockout in this fight because it won't happen.
  6. :laugh: Very nice T-Dubbz. Gasol did make that shot over Bigbaby though.
  7. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1808604 Super Slow Motion Slap (trust me it's worth it)
  8. Where can I watch this fight? Unfortunately I missed my man Spider fight.
  9. Can't wait for Calzaghe vs. Hopkins!
  10. Sorry man but I'm just not feeling it. I agree with redman, we do have the best uni's in football so no need to change them.
  11. those uni's are classic. ive been waiting for them to bring them back! I can't wait to see them rock the phins in them.
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