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Should McCardell get a bigger role in the offense?


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Yes, it should be pretty obvious. Moss needs to be healthy to be effective

Keenan indeed should take greater role.

Randle, Moss, and Portis are all hurt -- they should bite the bullet and rest.

What is even more problematic is the offensive line. I don't think we have bodies to fill that position.

At this point, things are looking pretty grim.

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Yes, I was saying this at halftime. Sometimes, due to nagging injuries, weather, venue, etc., you just need to take advantage of a veteran possession receiver's ability to produce in the middle.

I think he could have made a big difference today.

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Thrash is in there because he gives 100 % on each play. More than I can say for our supposedly #1 wideout who pimps around thinking he's the $h*t all the time.

1 Randle El

2 Mccardell

3 Thrash

Lloyd isnt a team player he doesnt care he's just collecting a check

Man posts like this make me hate this board.

First of all, Moss has had a rough year. Now he "pimps around thinking hes the sh*t"? A few bad games and he doesnt even deserve a spot on the depth chart? Wow. Guess I shouldnt be surprised. And Lloyd is our best blocking WR aside from Thrash...if that isnt a "team player" what is. The guy has been trying to work his way back on the field all year. But anyway...

...at this point we really should mix up our rotation. Screw who #1 or #5 is, they are all obviously hot and cold. Play them all and see what happens. ARE is the only one that has shown a connection with JC that warrants him being on hte field consistently.

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