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  1. I actually wrote a paper on this topic in high school in the early 2000's and argued the name should be changed. And yes, I have not bought any merchandise in over 20 years. To be fair, I bet I am a rare case.
  2. Man it truly is Trump party now, the fact that someone like Mark Sanford lost proves that.
  3. Maybe I reading Kilmer wrong here, but fascism is a genuine ideology, Trump has no core beliefs. Trump is instinctually authoritarian.
  4. Well, I think the reason why republicans don't push back against Trump is because of fear of blowback. So while he polls poorly amongst the general public, Trump is incredibly popular with self identified republicans and conservatives.
  5. I am not so sure. May not be there socially, but on a lot of economic issues I can think a left wing candidate could win. Bernie would have won.
  6. The NFL played itself, Trump just took this to another level this morning.
  7. So are stadium concession stands going to stop selling food and merch during the anthem now? Oh wait I know the answer to that question.
  8. That is the thing most immigrants opponents seem not to understand. There is no line for dreamers to stand in.
  9. Here is the thing, republicans have felt out lied and have argued from bad faith from the get go.The original deal was dreamers for wall. Now it is dreamers for wall, end of chain migration, lowest level of legal immigration since the 1920's racial quoto laws. God knows what it will be tomorrow. This a game that democrats should not play.
  10. Reasonable is giving him funding for the wall and border security, this is not reasonable.
  11. I believe something around a million people legally immigrate to this country every year. Cutting that number in half is devastating. Why would you kneecap one of America's advantages? Why would you propose that in a country with an increasing aging population? It exposes the lie that this debate is about illegal immigration for conservatives/republicans. It's not, it's an anti immigration proposal, straight up.
  12. It's incredibly bizarre that Byrd keeps being brought up by conservatives. It's not like he is some beloved figure on the left.
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