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Bills could try to move up to #5 or #6 (draft)


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The Buffalo Bills admit that as it stands right now their running back position is a bit unsettled following the trade of Willis McGahee.

"There are always some unanswered questions in football as you go into a season and some unanswered positions," said Bills GM Marv Levy. "(Running back) is one of them now, but we're not panicking about it. We think we can take steps that will help our team be better."

Buffalo figures to take at least one of those steps to address their running back position in the draft. With eight picks at their disposal, including four in the top 100 selections, the Bills have the power to maneuver themselves into position to snatch a player off the draft board that they might covet.

"In terms of moving up or moving down it certainly gives us a great deal of flexibility," said Bills GM Marv Levy. "Having four first day picks is valuable because they usually result in very fine prospects. We realized that last year in the draft when we had some players we were very pleased with in those rounds."

Armed with an extra third round pick last year, Buffalo traded their second-round pick (43rd) and one third-round selection (75th) to Chicago to move back into the first round to select defensive tackle John McCargo.

Following the McGahee trade, Buffalo now has that same kind of maneuverability in this year's draft.

So just what could the Bills do with the eight picks at their disposal this spring?

Using the NFL draft pick trade value chart, buffalobills.com has put together some hypothetical moves that could be made by the Bills if they get the itch to move up or down the draft board.

Moving up

Making a bold move up the draft board is not uncommon to the Bills. They've done it two of the last three years, first to land quarterback J.P. Losman in 2004 and last year to grab John McCargo. The Bills have a few holes to fill in their lineup on defense so surrendering picks is probably less likely this season, but if the right prospect slips Buffalo can take action.

Option 1: If one of the players Buffalo has ranked in the top five on their draft board is still available at pick five or six, the Bills have the picks to make a bold move. Using their top two picks (#12, #43) they have the value (1,670 points) to make a legitimate offer for the 5th (1,700 points) or 6th pick (1,600 points) in the draft.

Option 2: Much like last year, Buffalo again has the power to move back into the bottom of the first round by offering up their second (#43) and initial third-round pick (#74) which total 690 points for the 26th (700) or 27th (680) pick in the draft.

Option 3: Buffalo also has the ability to move into the bottom of the second round (pick 55) by offering up both of their third round selections (#74, #92).

Other options: Though compensatory picks will alter the order of the selections Buffalo possesses in rounds four through seven, the Bills will likely have the ability to move into the top half of the third round by offering the third round pick they received from the Ravens (#92) and their fourth-round pick.

Offering their fourth and sixth round picks should also be able to land them in the top 10 selections in round four.

And at this point it appears that they would even be capable of offering their two seventh-round selections to climb into the bottom of round six.

Moving down

With more than a couple of positions to fortify there's a good chance Buffalo will stand pat with their eight picks, but if there's nothing they covet on the board during a particular round when they're on the clock, the Bills may choose to stockpile more picks and move down the draft board.

Option 1: If every prospect Buffalo has a remote interest in at pick 12 is off the board, perhaps they would prefer to slide back a few spots in round one. The Bills could move back four places to pick 16 and find a team with the picks to offer in return that represent equal value in Green Bay. The Packers would have to give Buffalo their pick at 16 in addition to their third-round pick (#78) to pull it off.

Option 2: If the Bills want to move down in the second round because nothing appeals to them they could slide back seven picks from 43 to where Tennessee has a pick at 50. If the Titans were willing they could give Buffalo their pick at 50 and their fourth-round pick (#111).

Option 3: In round three Buffalo has the ability to move back four spots from their initial third round selection (#74) down to pick 78 where again Green Bay is a possible trade partner. The Packers would have to give the Bills their sixth-round pick (#178) to make it an equal value deal.

Other options: Again the compensatory picks will complicate this, but for now Buffalo could trade down from their second third-round selection (#92) into the fourth round and pick up a seventh-round pick. They could move down 10 spots from their current fourth round selection (#107) and add a sixth-round pick with a willing trade partner if the selections lined up. Beyond that the compensation would be pretty minor.

While none of these proposed options represent the team's thinking right now, they certainly demonstrate what Buffalo could do come draft weekend at the end of April.

"We haven't made our final plan or zeroed in on a certain player in the draft or even a certain position," said Levy. "That's what we'll be working on until the bell rings to start the draft."

Could be another buddy on draft day. Now the question is who are their top 5?

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Guy must have read my post from yesterday:


Now this is a team we should be trading with - Buffalo. Trade down from #6 to #12 and pick up their 2nd rounder. They would still have 2 1st day picks (their 3rd and Baltimores) and could land Adrian Peterson if Cleveland passes.

We get to pick up Amobi Okoye or Adam Carriker and get a nice solid 2nd rounder to either address the Dline again or maybe draft a guard. Vinny - get on the phone!

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Thank heavens the Denver talks are being phased out! But, the skins should wait on draft day when all the heat is on before making a decision here. If Peterson is gone at #4 of #5, then things change and teams that what Quin are in the picture. Also, if top 5 teams are taking DL like there's no tomorrow..the skins can stay at #6. [Keep in mind also that the skins could draft someone (Peterson, Quinn, DL) only to trade them to another team also.]


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That would make sense since they just traded Mcgahee for multiple picks. Maybe theyre planning to trade their multiple picks to us for our number 6 spot

Completely forgot about that. If for some strange reason the Browns don't take Peterson, look for the Bills to reel and deal.

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Now this is a move I would love. We could get a first teir DT/DE out of it, and a real solid DE/DT as well. Out of all the trade down manuvers out there, this is the one I'd like the most. Decent chance that even Anderson or Branch would still be there.

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I dont really like a trade with the Bills unless we package pieces to move back up. From all the info I've read, it seems as if the Cards (if Thomas is gone), the Vikes, the Dolphins, and the Niners all at bare minimum would seriously consider going DL with their picks. Even Cleveland and Detroit might do so. With that understood the only guy whose got a better than 50/50 shot of being there at 12 in my view is Carricker and he's the guy I like THE LEAST among Okoye, Branch, Carricker and of course Adams and Anderson. I do not want to come away from a miserable season like we did, and only get Carricker for our trouble. I don't see him as a high upside guy. I doubt he'll be a big time bust, but Im seriously doubtful of him ever being any better than average-above average. I'd much rather get Okoye, or Adams or Anderson or Branch. To me the furthest back we can pick is 10th w/o taking a massive risk of losing out on all four (and that presupposes that a max of only one of them is gone by the sixth pick). Trading down to 12 is a non-starter in my view unless we trade back up and I hope the team feels the same way.

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the way to cover ourselves is to make the deal to move down even into the teens, pick up additional picks and then use Springs plus a pick to move back into the top rank to grab the DL we want.

once the decision to move Springs is made a number of possibilities open up.

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Funny how 10 people will say Carriker will be a bust and want Adams. Then another 10 will say Adams is a bust and want Anderson. Then 10 more will say Anderson is a bust and want Branch and then those 10 will say Branch is a bust and want Okoye. And so on and so on. If they all were supposed busts, the NFL, the scouts, the media and the draft experts wouldn't have them rated so high. It's basically up to the player to make himself great or a bust. Not anyone else.

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