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  1. Actually, it was 2 years later. Though that was a completely flukey - totally down year in the NFC East. You guys had the biggest joke of a schedule in history (I think you played Arizona 3 times and Detroit 4 times) and it was almost as if the league willed you to the playoffs. I miss the days when I had the time to be the #1 Cowboy agitator.
  2. Jerry Jones predicts 10 wins for Dallas<br /><br />Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on Thursday that his team can win 10 games this season and compete for a playoff spot, as reported by the Dallas Morning News today. Jones used that as his explanation for not launching the team into an all-out rebuilding process, saying, "I believe we have the talent and ability to improve to the point that we can win 10 ballgames, and the decisions I’m making are based on that."<br /> <br /> [ January 25, 2002: Message edited by: Die Hard ]
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