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  1. God damnit enough is enough! I am sick and tired of all the negativity. Mike Shanahan has to go, the 3-4 is an absolute debacle, Pierre Garcon is Coles 2.0, the season is over, Nick Foles is going to have a career day, Shanny has lost the team, blah blah blah. **** it. Our division is wide open. I don’t care about our 3-6. Matter of fact is as of today, we are alive in the playoff race. No ifs ands or buts – we have a path to get there. We need to put a winning streak together and it has to be the cliché one game at a time. But f*** it, why not us? We have a WEAK Eagles team with the Andy Reid era ending soon. A rookie QB who wasn’t expected to play at all this year. We have a freaking QB that I believe can win us any f***ing game on the schedule. Why not us? 3 back-to-back-to-back division games. We can beat all 3 of those @ss clown teams. They suck too – what gives them the right to win the division? Why not us? You mean to tell me we were in a better position with Mark noodle arm Brunell in 2005 after three devastating losses in a row? Was it better in 2007 when Todd freakin Collins took over and no one gave us any chance? We may not have the same defense those teams had but we certainly have a QB who we can believe in. It is after all, a quarterback’s league. So enough of all this b**** and moaning. Its not over – not even close. The time to win is now, the time to change the season is now, the time to make our post-season push is now… PALOFFS IS NOW!
  2. I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but I think Overeem is the best heavy weight out there. I think he has so many weapons and if he fought Cain, Lesner or (I can't believe I'm about to write this...) Fedor, he would come out on top. My wish is that he fights Fedor in 2011 and then if he wins, Dana White throws the money bags at him to bring him to the UFC.
  3. Anyone planning on watching the K1 events this weekend? I see that HDNet is showing the first one live tonight at 2am EST but they're not going to show the final live. Anyone know if any other channel / PPV is going to show the final live?
  4. If there was any doubt that Fedor is the best MMA pound-for-pound fighter in MMA past and present, I think that's gone now. All the people who say Lesner would beat him, I hope Fedor gets in the ring at some point with him so he can break his arm in 60 seconds.
  5. Not surprised - he should be active! Once one get in the RZ, you go two TE set, CP in the back, MK and MM on the outside. Good luck Giants!
  6. Doubt anyone can beat Fedor right now... he's ridiculous
  7. God I hope the Caps get a quality D-man at the deadline
  8. Haha this thread is great. Not as awesome as PALOFFS IS NOW, but close
  9. Not a fan, personally, but i'm real anxious to see the 'R' helmets we are supposidly going to wear in some games this year.
  10. Lol this will never go old, will it?
  11. Haha, what homosexuals. Oops wait, that's Strahan.