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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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Has anyone seen any of the Sean Taylor Redskins jerseys that are black on Ebay...they are really really sweet. I would love to see us w/ those once in a while b/c they are black uniforms that actually look great.

Gold would be awesome if they had the burgundy numbers and letters. I also like what we went w/ in week 3. It's kind of fun goinig w/ new jerseys once in a while. Even if you're a traditionalist it's only one game and it's not like it would be a permanent change. It's just nice to have a new look once in a while.

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^Agreed. I'd just like to see a switch up. 14 times a year it's the burgundy pants / white jerseys, and 2 times with the opposite.

I'd like to see a little variety, but not much. Like once a year w/ Dallas wear the 75th (but with burgundy jerseys), maybe for another game wear the 70th anniversary throwback. For one game, bust out ALL Burgundy, and for another ALL White. That's 4 games - the remaining 12 can be business as usual.

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Anyone who suggest black jerseys should have the fan card revoked and banned for 1 week. I'm serious. I absolutely hate anything suggesting a black jersey. Other than the trim in the helmet, WE DO NOT HAVE BLACK IN OUR COLOR SCHEME. So why suggest it. Sorry, I'm old school and I'd rather see us keep it the way it is (but get rid of the shiny pants). IF we had to change, I'd rather see burgundy on burgundy, white on white or burgundy/white jersey with gold pants then to see us in anything black. You want black jerseys, go root for the Raiders or Falcons.

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Does anyone know what the plan is for the upcoming season? Will Zorn put us in:

• Gibbs-style white jerseys at home

• All-but-Gibbs-style burgundy jerseys at home

• Seattle-style burgundy jerseys and pants at home - white on white on the road. (Hope not)

Any guess?

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